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Every dog deserves a second chance.

It all starts with one step.

We love our dogs, so we take special care of our adoption process. Start by filling out an application, and you can meet our current group of furry friends at the Plano PetSmart, 6204 W Park Blvd, Saturdays and Sundays from 1pm to 5pm!

Happy Rescue Dog
Every dog deserves a second chance.

Who wants to be a dog hero? We need FOSTERS so we can save dogs from death row at the shelters, please apply to foster, IT'S FREE, AND WE PROVIDE EVERYTHING!

We need fosters!

Record numbers of dogs are being surrendered to local shelters, causing severe overcapacity and euthanizing for space. We urgently need foster homes. It's free, and you can choose any dog. All are fully vetted, healthy, and great with people and other dogs. We provide everything. Help us save dogsapply to foster here:

Where your donation goes!
Special needs pups need a special request!

Some of our pups need special attention before they are adopted. It doesn't happen often, but we sometimes take in dogs that have issues that need to be addressed ASAP. That's where your donations kick in. we've already laid out all costs, now we appeal to your generous hearts to help us financially recoup so we can save another in need!

Sweet little puppy

My Challeges:

  • Eye and skin infection

  • Filthy and matted

  • Huge mass on my head

  • Mammary cysts

  • Not spayed

  • Grungy teeth 

My Goals:

  • Raise $1,300 for my medical bills to get all better soon!

  • Spread the word

  • Find my new home

  • Healing prayers!

Happ Rescue pup
Noodles Story & Updates

Click to enlarge

Noodles was found as a stray in an apartment complex, the area she was found in is very rough. She just underwent the removal and biopsy of a mammary cyst, the
removal and biopsy of a huge cyst from her head, a dental cleaning with several extractions and a spay. Hooray she did awesome!

Let's show Noodles the love and compassion she deserves. We encourage you to be a part of Noodles' healing journey. Your kindness makes a significant impact on the life of this furry friend.

With Gratitude and Woofs, the team at Pooch Savers Rescue team!

Get your FAQ's straight before you start!

These are question we all need to ask ourselves before making a huge commitment to a pet and how our process works.

  • What are adoption requirements?
    We all want to place a pet in the perfect situation so both you and the dog have the best chance for success. Because of the unpredictability of children and dogs, unless there's a dog already in the home or the child has “dog experience,” we don’t typically adopt to homes where there's a child under the age of 5. All of these questions are covered in the application, so we encourage you to submit a no-obligation application today!
  • Is my dog still available?
    If you're inquiring about a dog you saw online, if the dog is still listed, the dog is still available. You can meet our dogs at the Plano PetSmart, 6204 W Park Blvd., Saturdays and Sundays from 1pm - 5pm. In order to adopt a dog from Pooch Savers, YOU MUST BE APPROVED, which involves submitting an application.
  • What is your "Golden Rule?"
    We are dedicated to finding loving homes for abandoned, homeless, neglected, and unwanted dogs, guided by the principle of the Golden Rule. Our vision is to create a kinder world for animals, enhancing both their lives and ours. We strive for a future where all dogs are spayed/neutered, pets have responsible families, and every animal's life matters. Our mission extends beyond rescuing dogs; we aim to end animal shelter killing, address overpopulation, and prevent unnecessary suffering. Based in Dallas, TX, we operate as an all-volunteer nonprofit, relying on tax-deductible contributions. Your support allows us to rescue, provide care, and save lives. Please consider donating to help us continue our mission. Thank you!
  • What does a foster do?
    In short, Fosters save lives! We can only manage so many dogs at one time in our home, so we ask that other dog lovers take in a special pup until they are adopted. We provide everything you'll need to be successful, you just supply the home and the love! Our Fosters LOVE what they do and can rest assured they are making a huge difference in not only the lives of our dogs, but in their own lives. Apply here!
  • Can we volunteer in any way?
    Volunteers are integral to the success of Pooch Savers Rescue, as we operate entirely with dedicated individuals donating their time. The demand exceeds the available hands, and we're in constant need of hardworking, dedicated, and reliable dog lovers to contribute their time in supporting our life-saving mission.
  • What is the best way to contact you?
    You can fill out an application form, email us at, or call us at (940) 268-3789‬.
  • What are the requirements to become a Foster?
    Dogs in unprecedented numbers are being surrendered to local shelters, which are now over capacity and resorting to euthanasia for space. We desperately need foster homes, and it's free to foster. Choose any dog; all are fully vetted, healthy, and great with people and other dogs. We provide everything, from food to toys. Help us save dogs! If you can foster, please submit an application here: [Adoption Application] (The same application is used for adopting and fostering.) THANK YOU!
  • How long does this take?
    We've seen overwhelming interest in our dogs which means we've been swamped with applications. That's awesome! So please be patient with us. We plow through these as fast as we can, and we'll let you know if the pet you've selected is still available while you wait.
Pooch Saver Pup

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