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We simply love dogs.

You'll observe that our chosen colors are orange and purple, each with a significant purpose. Orange symbolizes our commitment to supporting at-risk animals - those subjected to neglect, abuse, and facing perilous circumstances. On the other hand, purple stands for raising awareness about animal abuse, advocating for protection and welfare. By embracing these hues, we aim to inspire action in the community.

Empower the cause by taking tangible steps:

  1. Adopt from shelters or rescue organizations, including ours.

  2. Support spaying/neutering to curb homeless and unwanted animal populations.

  3. Cherish and safeguard your pets throughout their entire lives.

  4. Contribute to initiatives promoting animal-friendly legislation.

Countless animals have endured and continue to endure undue suffering. We implore each one of you to become vocal advocates for animals. We firmly believe that every creature deserves fundamental rights in society. There's a role for each of us in enhancing the well-being of animals.

Be their voice, as they cannot speak for themselves. Thank you for standing with us in this crucial mission.

Lisa and Scott Brooks

Since 2011, we've aided rescue efforts in TX. In 2019, Pooch Savers Rescue, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, officially started. Operating solely on donations and grants, we're a Dallas-based, all-volunteer nonprofit with a Golden Rule ethos. Our mission is to enhance both animal and human lives through kindness. We rely on tax-deductible contributions to rescue, provide care, and promote responsible pet ownership, aiming for a world without animal shelter killing and unnecessary suffering. Support our vision - spay and neuter for a better world where all animals' lives matter.

Lisa & Scott Brooks

Pooch Savers Review
Pooch Savers Review

Don't just take our word...

We couldn't do it without our partners!

Any organization is only as good as their people and their partners. We cannot thank these generous folks enough for helping us every day!

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